Real estate sector: trends for this 2021

Throughout 2020 everyone has had to face great changes. In fact, it is likely that much of these changes are here to stay or even intensify over time. The change that most of us surely had to experience directly is the digitization of a large part of the productive sectors. These sectors include real estate.

How will the real estate sector be affected in 2021?

For now, in 2021 we will continue to see a rapid   transition from traditional real estate to new, much more digitized and individualized models.

In this sense, most real estate companies including Tajarat properties have been enforced to gradually expand their range and add more services, always of course, supported by new technologies. Here are some of the fundamental points that all those who wish to continue betting in 2021 must take into account.

Have a website.

Currently most real estate companies already have a website. But it should be noted that during the year 2021 the great importance of keeping it well optimized and updated will begin to be verified.

For example, small details such as that the design is adaptable to both mobile phones and tablets are a totally essential point. This is because most potential customers will see our products from their mobile or tablet, perhaps from the comfort of their home sofa.

Strengthening of the telematics

First of all, we want to clarify what telematics is. Telematics is a field of science that encompasses the knowledge of information technology and communication technology for the development of designs, processes and techniques of services or applications that allow data to be transmitted.

Telematics covers a scientific and technological field of considerable scope. It encompasses the study, design, management and application of communication networks and services, for the transport, storage and processing of any type of information such as data, voice, video, among others. It also includes the analysis and design of switching technologies and systems.

Due to the confinement caused by COVID-19, the need has arisen to dispense with a physical premise, since people could not leave their homes. But now we do not ask if it is really necessary to have a local.

The answer, as we have already verified in the confinement times, is that, nowadays, a place is no longer totally necessary, or at least, not as much as it was before.

We were able to verify that most of the traditional functions of a real estate can be carried out electronically. And when it is very necessary to contact the person concerned directly, since direct personal contact is also extremely necessary.

For example, there is the possibility of offer the option of making appointments through the internet and in person directly at agreed points of interest such as, for example, the home we want to sell or rent.

The importance of digital marketing

Currently, it is extremely necessary to have a website and excellent telematic communication, but this is not much use if we do not complement it by applying digital marketing tools and techniques. It is necessary to clarify that digital marketing has its own characteristics and differs in many aspects from traditional marketing. Investing money in positioning, visibility and design is more important than ever before.

The reality is that we can already find a huge variety of vacation rental and purchase-sale platforms and they are increasingly used, which is why we must use them in the correct way, with knowledge of the environment and maximizing all its possibilities.

Digital marketing has become, more so due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a fundamental form of marketing for the real estate sector.

So far in 2021, in the same way that a large part of the productive sectors will become more technological and telematic, it is very likely that there will also be a take-off of the artisanal sector. They will look for smaller businesses and that have a much more individualized treatment.

Traditionally, real estate companies used to keep huge portfolios of homes, but the time has come to reduce them and adopt a more pro-active mentality.

In summary, throughout 2021 we think that a well-balanced balance between new technologies in relation to the Internet and artisan work, which would be meticulous and individualized work, are a good way to face the challenges that these new times.

What do you think of these trends in the real estate sector for this 2021? alnoor orchard is giving each home a more individualized treatment as well as maximizing its possibilities.

Real estate slogans do you keep what you promise?

Real estate slogans, do you keep what you promise? Here are some “slogans” collected on the internet from the real estate world that do not come close to the practice of some professionals in this market.

Rather, they are promises that at the end of the road are in many cases dissatisfied customers, unjustified high commissions and endless bad comments.

Who has not noticed on the internet where every day we see more ads that avoid the service of agencies?

With a simple search, between four portals on average, some 4500 – 5000 advertisements from individuals can be collected that “warn” that that do not want any intermediary in the sale.

“WE DO NOT SELL HOUSES, WE SELL EXPERIENCES” – What can a buyer understand about this “motto”.

A correct service for an owner would be to offer their intermediation services in the sale of their home (fast, simple and effective).

The phrase is focused on the buyer, but someone explain it to me that I should understand by “experiences” when buying a flat in the centre of a city for example.

Having the comfort of living in the centre of the city with all the services one step away, that it has two bathrooms, that it has a balcony and that it is all exterior or that it has an elevator certainly has a price, but far from being an experience.


Really, the purchase of a home in general is linked to personal requirements such as area, distribution and price.

The experience of living in that home you just bought will be very personal, it may or may not be good. I doubt very much that they refer to that since only the owner can give you real references about the experience of living there.

Most likely experiences: that you live very close to your children’s school or your work, that you save time and travel, that you live near a family member, that you own a home for the first time.

On the other hand, it may happen that you have a problem neighbour, an unforeseen community spill or any damage to your property soon after you buy it.

Do we sell knowledge, skills or experiences?

What is selling an experience? You sell a product that is a property, a property that has its history, its pros and cons (which in most cases are unknown or not detailed) but you do not sell experiences.

Real Estate slogans


“YOUR DREAM IS OUR PROJECT” – My dream would be to live in a house near a lake, a country house but with all the comforts … and work from home.

I have a precarious job; I live for rent and I barely make it to the end of the month … Will this company fulfill my dream?

His job and duty are to sell properties, therefore advise and facilitate the entire process of buying and selling and here is the key to this profession: FULFILL A DREAM, YES! THE ONE OF THE OWNERS WHO HAS ENTRUSTED YOU THE SALE OF YOUR HOME!!!

Does anyone remember the owners?

Does anyone remember the owners? Few. What is a real estate without houses to offer? It is a huge mistake to focus in only one direction.

In almost all cases the owner is the “star” only at the moment of the CAPTAIN. The owner comes to you or you go to him – He for the need to sell and you for the need for housing for your portfolio.

But months go by and there it is, the house hanging around the real estate portals and nobody wants to see it nobody remembers the owner.

If you remember as soon as we suddenly see a new ad for the same house, be it from the competition or even from the same owner… then we call it!

Are you were being your clientele?

Do you advertise the house as if it were a fairy tale? Or a novel chapter?

By putting a sign on the property, advertising on various portals we wait for buyers, consequently they will call.

Photos with “brightness” and “amplitude” will do part of the work, the rest will be a matter of the film description that you have written.

Get your own statistics for that property (time advertised / contacts / visits – result).

What happened to the wonderful announcement?

With a glance on the internet, you see ads that do not describe the home itself, they say how you see it and how your client should live it.

Conveying emotions is fine, but what was the wonderful announcement at the time of the visit…. Do you do the tour with the same words? WHAT NOT!!! You teach and period.

Where are those “dreams that are for sale”, those “heart attack views”, “a crazy price” or that “charming apartment”.

Or you just limit yourself to teaching it…. this is the living room, a bedroom, the kitchen…. obvious that it is the kitchen or a balcony.

Current marketing is evolving disproportionately depending on which market we are referring to, let’s not kid ourselves, you sell homes, yes, but above all you sell services.

The one who really sells is the owner, you are there to make the buyer and the seller coincide and finish the sale with your effort and dedication.

In many operations that is clear to you, you are left over. If you are left over because you do not fulfill what you promise or at least not to both parties.

Your job is to act as a buffer between the parties, not only to say what buyer and seller have to do but to teach how to do it, explain it and carry it out.





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